Eye Spy Security & Fire is a specialist provider of Monitored Wireless Video Alarm systems for Home, Business & Construction.


We install and service a range of fire and intruder alarms. We specialise in Monitored Wireless Video Alarm systems. Our EyeAlarm Monitored Wireless Video alarm systems offer the latest advanced technology and superior performance. Tested and proven globally since 2004. EyeAlarm delivers onsite arrests and apprehensions.

Totally Wireless, no Phone line required, is Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) ready and most installations take only an hour onsite. They are ideal for securing homes, business premises, building sites, rental properties, scaffold security, void property, machinery, boats and holiday homes.

Following an alarm activation a short video clip is sent to the alarm monitoring station for immediate action.   Why be Blind when your alarm can tell us or you exactly what caused it to activate. Police respond to Video Verified alarms, treating them as a crime in progress.

Perfect for Panic & Duress Security! When a Panic or Duress button is depressed the EyeAlarm automatically starts sending Live Video to our Remote Control Room

Other services provided by Eye Spy Security & Fire include Fire Systems, Wired and Wireless Alarm systems, Ultra Fast Broadband services, Monitoring Solutions & Webeyecms Lone Worker Health and Safety solutions..